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Consider COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: JOURNAL OF THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY as both a publication venue for your work and a great way of keeping up with the exciting field of community development. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal featuring articles on such diverse topics as rural and urban economic development, housing, entrepreneurship, theory, technology, social capital, leadership, and much more! Articles are written by and for academics and practitioners.

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NOTE: JCDS is transitioning to Routledge/Taylor & Francis as its publisher and for its online manuscript submission system effective in April, 2009. As of this time, we are no longer accepting manuscripts on the Allentrack site. You can view information about the new system and submit in April at

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We would like to introduce our Editorial Board Members for 2007-2010:

Janet Ayres, Purdue University, US
Robert Blair, University of Nebraska, US
Edward J. Blakely, University of Sydney, AU
James R. Calvin, Johns Hopkins University, US
Gary Craig, University of Hull, UK
Mary R. Domahidy, St. Louis University, US
Judson Edwards, Troy State University, US
Mary Emery, Iowa State University, US
Jan Flora, Iowa State University, US
Thomas Gaunt, Jesuit Conference, US
Cathy Gormley-Heenan, University of Ulster, UK
Gisele Hamm, Western Illinois University, US
Stephen Jeanetta, University of Missouri, US
Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont, US
Muthusami Kumaran, University of Hawaii, US
Scott Loveridge, Michigan State University, US
Diane McLaughlin, Pennsylvania State University, US
Arthur C. Nelson, University of Utah, US
Robert S. Ogilvie, Public Health Institute, US
Douglas D. Perkins, Vanderbilt University, US
Kenneth E. Pigg, University of Missouri-Columbia, US
Robert Pittman, Janus Economics, US
Kenneth Reardon, University of Memphis, US
Mark Seasons, University of Waterloo, CA
Tom Seekins, University of Montana, US
Jack Shaw, USDA Rural Development, US
Robert Silverman, SUNY Buffalo, US
Kim Walker, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, CA
Mildred Warner, Cornell University, US
Cecilia Wong, University of Manchester UK


Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society invites submission for a Special Issue,

Innovative Approaches, Strategies, and Outcomes of Community Visioning and Planning Programs edited by Norman Walzer  and Gisele F. Hamm

    Community visioning/strategic planning programs were stimulated by the Take Charge: Economic Development in Communities initiative published by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) in 1990 and revised in 2001. Since then, many approaches have been used by universities, state agencies, and local groups in working with communities. Visioning/planning for community development remains in high demand and the practice continues to incorporate new techniques, deployment strategies, and approaches. More than two decades of experience with these programs in the U.S and other countries offer an opportunity to learn from experiences and outcomes. This special issue of Community Development will document premier visioning/planning programs and demonstrate how/why they have been effective.

  Community Development, with assistance from NCRCRD, is organizing a special issue on innovative practices and experiences with community visioning/planning efforts focusing on effectiveness and outcomes.  This publication will help CD organizations evaluate the effectiveness of programs, create new or redesign current programs, change focus or delivery methods, and otherwise improve the CD practice on this topic.  Submission of ideas for articles is open and topics of special interest might include: (this is not an exhaustive list and does not preclude other topics)

·         Approaches to determine readiness of a community to participate;

·         Ways to build local support and buy-in within the community;

·         Successful ways to incorporate diverse populations into visioning/planning efforts;

·         Innovative strategies in delivering  programs and outcomes;

·         Measures of success or outcomes used in assessing program results;

·         Evaluation of follow-up activities that have worked especially well or not;

·         Use and evaluation of new techniques such as Asset Mapping or Appreciative Inquiry;

·         Identifying characteristics of participants that seem especially suited to obtaining results;

·         Changes in priorities and issues that have arisen from these programmatic efforts;

·         Innovative ways of funding program delivery; and

·         Other issues that can guide CD organizations interested in starting or revising, visioning or planning efforts;

The applied research/practice topics should more than describe current programs; rather they should involve an evaluative component using a quantitative analysis such as participant surveys, outcome documentation, project evaluation, changes in community involvement; follow-up efforts, etc. The invited papers will be refereed and published in an upcoming special issue of Community Visioning: Journal of the CDS. If interested in contributing to this special issue, please send an abstract, not longer than 500 words outlining the topics to be addressed, the methodologies used, and how it will contribute to the topic of the special issue.  

Send abstracts to Norman Walzer
( by October 1, 2008. The submissions will be evaluated and authors notified by November 1, 2008. Final submissions of articles will be expected by March 1,2009.


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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Journal of the Community Development Society

Journal Editor (2007-2010)
Rhonda Phillips

Associate Editor for Special Issues
Norm Walzer

Managing Editor
Faith Christiansen Smeets

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